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Referrals from our patients

The doctor is very nice, friendly, professional but mainly has the human attitude. Evidently, her work is her hobby and not just a job. I can warmly recommend.

Comment from the "Známý lékař" website

MDDr. Eliska Stejskalova is a very nice and kind dentist who always describes in details what kind of treatment will follow and how it will be fixed up. She definitely takes interest in her patients and the office hours are great as well and suit to working people. I recommend this dentist!

Comment from the "Známý lékař" website

I am fully satisfied with the dentist. For instance, recently I underwent a treatment which I had had at my previous dentist with many difficulties and it was painful. But everything went ok in Eliska Stejskalova´s surgery, comfortably and less painful. The dentist is accommodating patients, she tries to offer all options and one can choose, explains each treatment step with a good grace. Obviously, she is concerned about patients and is very flexible. What a great dentist! I just recommend her to everybody.

Comment from the "Známý lékař" website

I visited MDDr. Eliska Stejskalova today and I must say I am very pleased about her work, behaviour to a patient, etc. She is very nice! To be honest, I am scared of dentists but after a while at this dentist, it was gone. Perhaps it´s the human attitude she has! I have never felt this good at a doctor before. I´m so glad that I chose this dentist! I can just recommned her!

Michal Vyskočil

I was very delighted by the dentist´s attitude. After several years I finally decided to change my dentist. This dentist is perfect! She is young and enthusiastic about her work. She takes turns with her mother in the same surgery who surely devolved a lot to her. I absolutely recommend this prominent dentist!

Comment from the "Známý lékař" website

MDDr. Eliska Stejskalova is a precious person. Likewise everybody else I don´t enjoy being at a dentist and neither the treatments. Despite the fact that a lot of treatments are painless, I subconsciously shake and have stress. Now I needed a check-up and to fix something up. I found this webpage and then registered. I had my first tooth fixed up and even though I was so scared I can frankly say that it was fine. I actually got rid of the fear. Thank you. Those of you who are still frightened, register here as long as they are open for new patients.

Petr K.

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